Currently loving.....White cyclamen

I love them quite a lot.

Fill dressers with them, plant them in slate, tin, or vintage.

Or you could put them in pots outside, but then you would miss out on their delicate lily of the valley scent

Dresser painted in blackboard paint, slate vases are fibreglass, vintage pots from antique, useful information for those that like to copy my posts and pass it off as their own.

We'll say no more, but seriously if you are going to go to all that effort to copy the flowers and the books, why not do something of your own design? Weird.

Rant over.

Can somebody come in and buy some white cyclamen please?
Merci beaucoup.


flwrjane said...

I too heart white cyclamen. They are perfection.

Who is stealing your style?

Sic the hound on them.

xo Jane

Mrs B said...

Naughty, naughty people. Please do name and shame xx

benjiboy said...

Cyclamen was used by witches in the middle ages to both increase sexual desire and ward off bad weather...certainly it seems that for the latter is it of no use but as to the former we shall have to wait and see if the shop shuts early ;)

rachel said...

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - or something. Not so sure about the passing it off as your own though!

I don't think anyone's ever copied anything of mine.... sigh....

Kay said...

rise above the copying....some people just have no style of their own.....love the cyclamen...x

Anonymous said...

I think I might like them quite a lot too, they remind me of my mum. The way you have displayed them I like them even better.
Strange that someone would go to all that effort to steal --- compliment? Kind of back handed.
I love your blog and you are certainly inspiring

Oh My! Floral said...

Bastards! Grrrrrrr! Not even a link to you? A real stealing? Realllly?

Kim Fisher Designs said...

Miss P-
I've wandered onto several blogs that feature my work as their own-I simply send a polite but firm email and they usually apologize and insert credits.

But I have to say it's initially irritating.Love your style,wish I could pop in to buy some beautiful cyclamen.
Hugs to the hound.

carwash babe said...

Baby loving the whites...come over and display in my pots,along the path,in my porch...all over my cottage...so,so glad you finally responded;please out them so we can all respond!!

JustJaneGrace said...
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JustJaneGrace said...

Love love love the white cyclamens. If I weren't 5000 miles away I'd be buying up in armfuls. I guess I'll have to go to my local nursery instead. So sorry about the other. Not nice at all.

carwash babe said...

Thank you x They look gorgeous in my porch xxx

Raquel Alaba├ža said...

So cute these cyclamens.
I’ve never seen them in white color.
I have one (pink), on the outside and it’s flowering now.


Marie said...

The scent of cyclamen is so, so special. I love them. Going to find some tomorrow, thank you!