A Quirky Christmas

Plastic trees, Ilex in old bottles, mushrooms for wreaths and coloured toadstools.

Some years we scour the magazines for what is going to be on trend for Christmas. This year we are abandoning all hope of being en vogue and doing our own thing.
Snow tipped plastic trees it is.
Are you excited?
It is all I can do to stop myself from bursting into Good King Wenceslas.
A lady from Russia came into the shop asking if she could take a picture, I tidied the shop, applied another slick of lipstick, and readied myself for the chat about the flowers i choose, and the like.
But no, she wanted a picture of The Hound.


Mrs B said...

We have toadstools too.....the most beautiful sparkly ones and clip on your tree 'mercuried' ones. We have made an enchanted woodland inside a crate......so twee but if we both have them they must be 'in'....no?

No matter how many times it comes around,the sheer mountain of work ahead fills me with dread.....I wish I had time to make mince pies and feed a Christmas cake....one year maybe xxx

flwrjane said...

I can't even go there yet. We have mountains of Thanksgiving centerpieces to get through first.

God save the Queen and help us all.

In the midst of all our work I'll be doing a Christmas floral demonstration for a group. Keep talking, I'll just crib all your ideas:) No really.

xo Jane

Emily Thompson Flowers said...

I love those shiny trumpet mushroom thingies, and your blog, though I never commented before.

Your admirer in floristry,

Modern Country Lady said...

Hahahaha- excellent.Well, he is very photogenetic!!

Anonymous said...

Well of course the Hound, you were slow on the uptake there Simone ha ha! Love the "Quirky" - quirky all the way xxx Mrs T-J