The Festive table

I have just eaten a "Christmas" sandwich from M&S. It wasn't bad, too cold, but i couldn't wait for it to come up to room temperature, and besides the temperature of this room is lower than that of a fridge.

My mind has wandered to table centres, and samples are being made up. This one is a candle arrangement in a terracotta pot, filled with scented foliage and berries. Here is how to make something similar. Excuse the photography. Cringeworthy. A lot has changed in a year.

I love flowers on a table, but i think I love the food more, and any floral decoration should never interfere with access to the roast potatoes or bread sauce. Think small and more of. Much better to have 5 little arrangements that can slot in between the brussels, that a large central one, that let's face it can sometimes resemble a coffin top.

Oh and a pair of robins Ray and Roxanne popped by, to further enhance our kitsch Christmas collection.

News Flash: Congratulations to Prince William and Kate, engaged, a Royal Wedding in 2011. I can't wait for the souvenir mug.


flwrjane said...

We too suggest small arrangements, but then when I'm handing out stacks of thanksgiving orders to the other designers and see many multiples, my heart sinks just a little.

I have created more work, again.

For my own table I do tiny arrangement sand then give them to the guests when they finally go, leaving us with a pile of dirty dishes and no flowers.

What am I thinking?


Becca said...

Didn't Kate look lovely (a good blow dry does that to you). Although a little 'deer in the headlights'. Although is she Catherine now?

I am thinking she will go fishtail and lace. I do not want people to think I am copying.

I find it a bit unusual that she has an engagement ring with a chequered past. But I doubt she'll wear hers to Tesco though.

I am excited to see her flowers.

Young Blooms Florists said...

I love Mr & Mrs Robin...was trying to find some Doves the other day for my 12 days of Christmas display...failing miserably, but I think I might hit the charity shops!! Amazing what stuff you can find!