My kitchen through the viewfinder

About 84 years ago i discovered a photography technique called TTV - through the viewfinder.

It involves shooting with a digital camera through the viewfinder of a twin lens reflex.

I found 2 TLR cameras in charity shops soon after, and they have sat looking pretty on my bookcase, until today.

I need a lot more practice, but i love the results.

The top 2 are with a Brownie twin reflex (£6) , and the second two with the cross hair are with Halina AI (£15)


Becca said...

Oh Miss P. You make me feel guilty about my photography progress.

I am still enjoying the joys of my point and shoot.

Anonymous said...

Love it too - would love a brownie x

benjiboy said...

Do I spy two Hornsea "Bronte' 1970's storage jars for tea and coffee on the shelf? I ran into three of them yesterday at my local charity shop...£2 each...they've got 'The Good Life' written all over them. Yeah baby!

Miss Pickering said...

Becca - It has taken me forever to finally get around to it, enjoy the point and shoot.

Sooz - you can pick them up readily here for little money, try ebay.

Benji - They are indeed Canisters, they have been there a while - empty. I feel a change of kitchen decor coming on, expect to see them in the shop filled with hyacinths.

BumbleVee said...

what a neat idea....