In the shop today

1. and 2. Flowers for a party at The Olive Branch, actually they are going to 3 parties there, i think everybody should have 3 parties per birthday. They will be brought back next Friday to have their dancing shoes polished, and then sent off to dance one last tango, next Saturday

3. Christmas Wreath of blue spruce, rosemary, copper beech, kew green skimmia, myrtle, senecio, mimosa, larch cone, mushrooms, hydrangea, and viburnum tinus. Why use 1 foliage when you can use 11?

4. Amnesia roses for next Saturdays wedding. Yes, next Saturday. These roses need a full week to burst open and stop looking so stiff. With a little know how and care a rose can easily last 2 weeks if not longer. Knowing exactly when to get things in for a wedding is an art form, I like things to look as though they are almost about to fall apart.

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Sarahjp said...

That wreath is fantastic.. Like a fairy tale. More pictures of Christmas flowers please - they are inspirational!