Christmas chez Miss P. and a call from America

I get my fill of spruce at the shop. Home is a calm oasis.

Fairy lights in the trees by the bed, and some old roses in a Coronation mug. That's all, the only room in the house that ever get's used at this time of year.

Making something for myself is just another thing to do

The blond blur in the 3rd image is none other than The Hound. A Hound with a belly full of 500g of the finest Serrano ham purchased from the Spanish food stall on the market.

I could have cried, he had obviously very carefully unwrapped the wax paper and feasted whilst my back was turned.

Just as the tears were welling, the phone rang, it was Small but Charming Jane, all the way from Virginia in the U.S of A. Can you imagine? She rang to say "chin up" "keep going" I was bowled over, completely bowled over. Now i know what she sounds like.

Friendship is the most marvellous of things.


Unknown said...

That is just plain lovely! Jane is gold. Hope you manage to make all your wreaths tonight, best of luck!

flwrjane said...

Big kiss and yes, chin up. One more week. God.

The hound got the ham? Damn Ham getting the ham.

Back to work.

xo Jane

KELLY said...

looks so very tranquil and cosy there. enjoy your few hours in it before more madness and mayhem...but hold dear this time next week you can sink in and sigh. holidays!!

naughty hound. wait until father christmas hears about this.

and how magical to receive that call. jane sounds awesome (not that i know what she sounds like too...that would be weird...but you know what i mean. a lovely friend.)

bonne nuit. x

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely ms P and quite similar to mine. I have a "twig tree" filled with LED lights that I am enjoying this year. It is very different from the spruce but makes more sense in this warm climate.
I love the touch of flowers at Christmas. They don't have to be Christmas colours, far from it.
Today mine are lemon roses, wilting too fast in the heat. x

webb said...

Jane is special on this side of the pond, too. Hope things slow down for you soon so you can enjoy a few days, too.

Anonymous said...

Friendship is like archeology - it unearths our spirit, sets if free once more for all to gaze at - Mrs T-J xxx

rachel said...

Is Jane a blog friend, or a real-time friend? I have grown to love making blog friends - there's a straight-to-the-point thing that goes on which is really refreshing. And she does flowers and dogs, too; what could be nicer? (except cats)....