Yesterday a man came into the shop to buy a house warming gift. Devilishly handsome, immaculately dressed, and nicely scented.

He left behind a single glove. From Banana Republic.

I shall marry the man that fits this glove.

Prince Charming where art thou?


Anonymous said...

I have just seen John McCririck walking down Stamford High Street wearing one glove and looking disconsolate

Anonymous said...

oh Simone you are funny! I expect they were queuing up at the door this morning! xxx mrs T-J

Mother Hen said...

Do single men shop for themselves at Banana Republic? xxx

Becca said...

Yes single men do. It's a pleasant shopping experience and everything is in man colour. It shows he is a city jetset type as their stores are in London or the US.

Have you tried googling accountants and law and doctor types? It's a weekday so he works locally to you.

Yes I am Cupid Holmes.

Mrs B said...

We are all laughing. Our work lives may be very similar - we also have a single glove, left by a man....but our clientele are oh so different.....I have just photographed the glove left in my shop and emailed it to you......we are not waiting for his return, it has gone in the bin with the ugly sisters xxx

Marisol Maddox said...

I hope he comes back to get it! You could casually stick your business card inside of it with your phone number on the back and a winky/ smiley face ;)