I want to break free

from the red.

The Grand Prix, the amaryllis, the ilex.

One of my customers and I have decided that lilac and yellow is the new Christmas. If truth be told she is only doing it to annoy her traditionalist mother-in-law, and I love a bit of mischief, and it turns out the combination is really rather lovely.

In other news, I scored very very highly in the birthday present stakes, my Diana Camera, a beautiful necklace, and other luxury items.

We also found ourselves on my favourite blog. A site that oozes serenity, elegance and beauty, I wish I was capable of such creativity.

Also this Sunday it is the Stamford Christmas Festival. Festival is a curious term to use, translated it means the streets of Stamford will be filled with stalls, an actual ice rink, and cockneys selling chestnuts.

It also means that we will be open on Sunday, from 11am - 3pm.

Pop by say "bonjour!"

Bring roasted chestnuts.


KELLY said...

oh i thoroughly approve.
{and it is all the better when it involves a pinch of mischief!}
i somehow just can't do red and green this time of year. maybe one or the other but never together.

so pleased you received such a bounty of birthday treats! lovely. and to feature on l&s too...another nice gift for a fine miss.

you are tempting me to make a pilgrimage to yee oldee stamforde on sunday...we shall see what the elf and hub say but i shall attempt to put forward a good case. love XxX

rachel said...

Good for you and your naughty customer. I detest red and green cliche-ridden Christmas stuff - and I reserve a special loathing for poinsettias......