The thick and thin of it all

Skinny wreaths the size of hula hoops, an adaptation of the original pink peppercorn and spanish moss number.

Thick wreaths dripping with all manner of edible things for The Stamford Hen. Orange slices, chillis and toadstools......

Also our pails of hyacinth have been given an super Christmassy scattering of snowflakes.


Anonymous said...

Stunning Miss P,your creativity is pretty incredible loving both but adore the little mushrooms. Mrs T-J xx

Becca said...


Its so different to the usual culprits you see. I particularly am loving the lack of those weird plastic flowers and that horrible plastic ribbon in large hoop shapes.

angela said...

Miss Pickering. Your talent is inspirational and your cardigan makes me feel happy. I see your wreaths and pots of moss and hyacinths from my window and watch the festive dickensian landscape of your empire transform the grimaced gnashing of teeth to tranquil smiles of contentment on the chapped lips of the passers by. Tis such a shame that the pheasants and grouse from simpole clark have flown the nest

Erin said...

Toadstools!?? love it!!!
I'm now heading out to the cold studio to make up a few more wreaths with some much needed inspiration.
Thank you!

+also,I love your blog!