The very last few minutes of the daylight, the nights are slowly drawing out.

Stolen branches, after a day of gardening, i also dug up an old brown glass bottle and an inkwell.

I have a sudden desire to return to Africa, and we are having chicken Kiev for supper. With tomatoes.


Amanda said...

I made it into the front garden today and cleared the leaves. It was wonderful to see bulbs peeking out to say hello from the soil and in the back garden a lovely little snowdrop coming through the grass and buds on things....cannot wait for springs beautiful colours to show themselves in all their glory.

Foxanddahlia said...

I love the slight random post today, unearthed bottles, Africa and chicken Kiev. We are having some yummy apple and leek homegrown sausages from our friends lovely piggies, Tamworth crossed with Oxford Sandy blacks.

Shelley said...

O! Miss Pickering! Do you have Witch Hazel growing in your garden? It doesn't come out in Boston until late Feb, and our Flower Market never offers it cut.

And thank you! For blogging on Sunday!