Valentine-ing up the shop

This year we will be mainly selling tokens of love.

Quirky tokens of a botanical nature.

The shop will be filled with inspiration for both boys and girls.

Boys like flowers too, and bulbs in jars.

Thank you all for your comments on the last post, fabulous suggestions, and i have visited a few already.

In other news,

Cityboy1 whilst en route to the ski, has fixed the technical problem.
I am selling The Hound, he has been nothing but trouble all week. £2.99 o.n.o.
and that glove is still here.


Becca said...

Isn't that also Bruno Mars? Just the way yoooou arrrrrreeee??

Mark Darcy and I have so much in common. I used to think it was meant to be then I realised I am much more Bridget.

The hound can come and live in my house.

Mrs T-J said...

I couldnt love you any better. I love you just the way you are.
Barry White

eeek Barry White all credibility has disappeared! Deep, gravelly voice required.

Mother Hen said...

Colin Firth aka Mark Darcy delicious - reminds me must go and see "The Kings Speech" xxx

Mrs T-J said...

oh yes Mother Hen, I would love to see that, would love to tag along as I dont think its a Hubster film, its not a shoot em up is it? Plus I can swoon at Mr Firth without feeling unfaithful! xxx

rachel said...

I don't want the dog, even at such a good price. I have a very troublesome dog of my own - maybe the prolonged honeymoon period is coming to a close..... sigh....

And Valentine's Day isn't what it was either, after the Lovely Son caught on that it was his mum who sent him a card every year.

Oh dear; maybe I need some flowers to cheer myself up!

HWIT BLOGG said...

Lovely lovely blog and lovely lovely pictures!!!
Best wishes from a snowy Sweden and T/HWIT BLOGG

Laura said...

Hi Miss P (hope you don't mind the informality), thanks for popping over to my blog and leaving the comment. Your dog looks a sweetie... mine (a rescue dog) has the worst breath possible and spends all day trailing around at the back of me... I think I'm absorbing the stench... or perhaps I should go to the dentist... Anyhoo, love the quote... hope you post some pictures of the shop... I sooooo wish there was a florist like yours here in NJ... it would be a gem in an otherwise gawdy crown! Have a great weekend. Lx


Hi Miss Pickering, Thank you for your visit to my blog and your nice comment.
The Hound knows you have put him up for sale and he told me he is not very happy with you at the moment!
Have a lovely weekend.
Ingrid xx

The Monkey Flower Group said...

Howdy Miss P! I have been a lurking admirer for some time now (so has my mother- show yourself, Mom!) and have finally decided I should pop up and say hi. I love your work, preference in drinks, and intimidatingly and charmingly witty voice. Hello and thank you!

Julia said...

Miss Pickering,

I just have to say again how much I enjoy your witty wiles. I read your posts and imagine you speaking with a lovely British accent. Your insight and humor and photos are just divine.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, love the blackboard!