are most definitely floating the boat this week.

1.Bridal Crown, leftover from Christmas, cut from the bulb, and given a new lease of life in old bottles.
2.Planting inside jars with a little moss.
3. flowers in amongst the paintings and books, or books and paintings in amongst the flowers?
4. A special visit from Sally Page and Billy Kelly, en route to be married today, a pit stop for a gin and some extra roses.

and did you see our flowers featured in this shoot?

do you have fabulous plans for the weekend? are we allowed to drink and eat chocolate again yet?


rachel said...

Nope, no drink or chocolates till Valentine's Day, sorry.......

Auntie Miseryguts.

Becca said...

I'm having a weekend chillaxing.

Can I just say I love Sally Page. I saw a demonstration she did at the Tynemouth Floral Society. I realise floral societies are a bit passe but I need to do something creative after work or I'll just DIE. Sally was fabulous.

I got her green coloured book for Christmas.

loveandlilac said...

I love the idea of the bulbs in glass jars - I'm going to try this at home.


Hej Simone

Just to wish you a Happy Tulip Day... it is celebrated here in Sweden ;-)
I also linked to your shop and blog on my Flowers for Friday post.
Have a lovely weekend

flwrjane said...

just maybe that was the sweetest photo shoot ever? I think it was.

gramophone flowers? brilliant!

xo jane

Flowerscentsbyamanda said...

Sorry i have to disagree after being on antibiotics all xmas and new year...bring on the drink and the chocolates, but after they all gone i must diet for my friends wedding this year. So pleased to see Sally getting married love her work cannot wait to see her again at the flower club later this year in the meantime i have one of the lovely prints to put in our bathroom when we finally decorate!

Jenny at Red House said...

Hi love your blog! the planting in jars is very interesting, may have to have a go! jennyx

Mrs T-J said...

Bulbs in jars, lovely xx

Mrs T-J said...

Bulbs in jars, very lovely xxxx