How the devil are you?

Another random selection of photographs from days gone by. Another day of the camera sitting on the kitchen table.....It's the last one you all want to see, i am under no illusions.

It is all go here.
Valentine's Day is 3 weeks away. It's a Monday.
The Book is coming along. I am having palpitations of excitement.
We went to Top Drawer, some of it was just lovely, some of it really wasn't.
I finally met Jane of Snapdragon, she was some of the lovely.
I have started power walking again.
I could gaze at Rufus Sewell against a backdrop of Rome for a very long time. Or Colin Firth, who keeps making lovely acceptance speeches. Posh boys are once more en vogue.
My film came back from my first attempts with the Diana camera - not as easy as it looks, one picture on a roll of 12.... hello, photography for bloggers course

but finally we have announced the start of the Bridal flower school..

More courses to be announced tomorrow, for those who are already married, or spinsters like me.

What have you all been up to? Fun things? Do share.


Mrs T-J said...

Salad vegetable is back in full obedience training, we are working towards the goal together of him becoming a fully qualified PAT dog (pets as therapy). I am clearly getting incredibly lazy about work and therefore exploring lots of ways of getting out of it, this ploy also includes pending interview with Voluntary Action Rutland. With all this going on I cant possibly work more than 2 days a week I have decided. Do you think its anything to do with being 40, mind 41 is looming gulp, gulp! Radish now believes that the boy wonder is a figment of my imagination, methinks we need to sort that soon. Much love, lovely xxx

Val said...

Your flower arrangements are, as always, exquisite. Photography gives me all the colour I crave, but I envy you the extra sense you experience, the fragrance of the beautiful blooms.

Mrs B said...

I have been mainly......garlanding for the first 2011 wedding, sampling the sloe gin/vodka, eating pizza, drinking wine(no detox here), attempting to compile some sort of valentine list, and foraging larch branches for this Christmas. Think I'm glad I didn't make the journey to Top Drawer xxx

Unknown said...

Ahh, Refus Sewell.

Anonymous said...

Loved the flowers and so, so approve of the "posh boys", you are indeed your Mummy's daughter xxx

Becca said...

I am a fan of posh boys but my boy is a posh boy that tries to pretend he's a socialist.

I have mainly been working like a trooper in a job I hate for no money and dreaming of winning the lottery. If I did win the lottery I would do nothing but different courses in all the different things I wanted to do. I would learn photography from Polly, Flowers from Miss P, French from Paris, Italian in Capri or Tuscany and I would learn to ski in Canada.

Apart from I would do your course now. Maybe I am a muppet but I can't find the dates of the courses?

Also....we have almost decided on a venue but its sent the dates all helter skelter so I will be in touch. Its not the castle. I realised we are not castle people and we do not need cannons to announce to the world we are married.

P.S. I love the second photo down. And the one of the hound. But definately the arrangement in the second one down.

Rachie @ A Chi Chi Affair said...

Would totally love to do a course - gorgeous flowers xo

Kay said...

mostly i am getting wet walking the dog...surely its longer to valentines!!!...we also missed top drawer as someone was having new hip fitted...someone now home...its tuff!!! lovely flowers as ever..

Anonymous said...

So You are writing a book. I am so glad and it will be on my wish list!

Unknown said...

I agree about Rufus. Just divine.

Anonymous said...

Yes the last one is fun but the first two are gorgeous too! I am so glad I've found your blog, both you writing and your photos are beautiful!

And I'm so with you on Colin Firth. Love a bit of posh!