How to make spring in a jar

I have filled the window with these jars of Spring, and they have captivated the good people of Stamford, especially the men. There is something a bit scientific looking about them.

I don't think there is anything simpler to make, provided you have the right bits.

1. An old jar of interesting shape, most of mine are really old blown glass, this is not the time for your Bonne Maman.
2. Bulbs in the green, the cheats guide to spring, i think these are the most versatile, effective and inexpensive things you can buy. Maybe you spend your Autumn months forcing bulbs, and don't need to buy them. Whatever.
3. Moss in a punchy green colour, that makes you think of baby lambs gambling across a field. This is known as sheet or flat moss, it comes in polystyrene boxes in scarily perfect rectangles, available from all good florists.

Take a piece of moss green side out and place in the bottom of the jar, water the moss lightly. Remove the soil from the bulbs, they don't need it.
Curl the roots round and sit on top of the moss, finish with extra moss if you like.

Await flowers.


Mother Hen said...

Just the ticket for a cold yet bright sunny day, when we all want to imagine Spring in the not too distant future. Whilst I do not approve of instant/convenience food, the same in flowers and gardens is always a triumph xxx

Lee said...

Dear Miss Pickering, your spring in a jar looks gorgeous - pretty please could we have a pic of the window with all your spring jars?

Amanda said...

Fab idea as the sun is a shining I will go round the corner to the local garden centre in my lunchbreak to see if they have some.

rachel said...

Yes, like Lee, I would love to see your window too!

flwrjane said...

I gave these as Christmas presents. But i didn't use such nice jars...

Everyone was thrilled when they bloomed.

I have one perfect specimen sitting in my kitchen as we speak.

Your shop must look lovely and smell like the garden of Eden.

xo Jane

Gill said...

A lovely idea - I will have a go.I would also like to see a pic of the spring jars in the window.

Mrs T-J said...

By popular demand spring jars in the window please xxx

bibbitybob said...

Fabulous idea, thank you for sharing!