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I am a bit over red rose bashing now. I think mixed with hot pink they make a pretty passionate offering for Valentine's. Sampling up, actual bouquets to follow, along with the window. Valentine's is to have a sense of humour this year.

Old floral pictures from my new obsession of sale rooms. Just don't allow The Mother Hen to bid, I don't think she has quite grasped it isn't a competition to see who can bid the highest. Thankfully we were not at Bonhams

Daffodilions in old pots.

Lemon tart from Hambleton Bakery, a very kind customer brought me, then another brought cocktail sausages for The Hound, others chocolate bunnies, and the tastiest pork pie. I love my customers.

In other news, we have been power walking for 2 hours a day for 10 days now, i am still not a size 6. I want my money back.

so that i can go and buy a lemon tart.


Anonymous said...

Love the pot of daffs! They are so cheery!

Laura said...

The daffodils look great. I love it when flowers are displayed in something a little quirky. Had to laugh at the roses comment... it was my birthday yesterday, and the hubby rolled up with red roses... they were mixed in with purple spider chrysanthemums though! Lx

flwrjane said...

2 hours a day! Miss P., you are to be commended AND rewarded with a lemon tart, or two!

I say yes to red and pink roses together. Let's just say yes to love and cocktail sausages this valentines day.

xo Jane

Mother Hen said...

In my defence, I admit to having a highly competitive nature and being beaten by all those dealers was just never going to happen. Best fun day in ages though, who would have known that sitting in a cold saleroom in amongst eclectic boxes of junk (oops I mean treasure) could be so interesting....until next time Miss P.....the auctioneer did make mention of a lost property sale soon.....imagine? xxx

Mrs T-J said...

Lets do a walk with the hounds when I am back from skiing Miss P. Radish excelled himself at puppy training this morning, I call it puppy bribery with the amount of cheese cubes he consumes as "good boy" treats! Red and hot pink love it, but I have no chance of ever having flowers from Hubster, he hasnt bought me flowers since 1999, 11 miserable years! sniff lol much love xx

Rachie @ A Chi Chi Affair said...

I love the combination of red and pink - beautiful!

Rachie xo

jessica daisy said...

lemon tart looks yum!

Mrs B said...

2 hours a day? When are you sleeping woman? Or is the hound now in charge of the book and cooking? xx