43 days 6 hours 53 minutes and 10 seconds

and we get to do it all again.

The new season is in sight, Herr Schumacher has travel sickness*. Mr Hamilton has been cross country ski-ing, and this post is of no interest to 99% of you, and it is going make the blog look messy.

But for that 1%

Squeals of delight, the mighty McLarens are back.

*actual fact confirmed by Ferrari.


Mrs T-J said...

Its perfectly acceptable to be a petrol head, mine is focused on the Red Bull Air Race every year, Smoke On! xxx

Jenny at Red House said...

Great trailor! Alistair Griffin lives near us and when he was on fame academy or something all the kids wrote on their bed sheets 'vote for Alistair' and hung them out of the window, one of those do you laugh or cry moments!! jennyx

rachel said...

Whatever spins your wheels.... Me, I rather like the super-fast twisty fall-overish downhill skiing. Inexplicable, but true.

Mrs Jones said...

Yay, yay, yay! And the BBC have spared us from the incompetant blathering of that complete fool of a commentator - what's not to love? x

Gill said...

I'm in the 1%