Hope springs eternal

The rain isn't helping, but the sun is peaking through and i have started cutting the garden. Hellebores, just a few for a bridal bouquet, but the promise of sweet peas, and armfuls of mint is in the air.

Posies of scented Spring flowers, the vibrancy of viburnum opulus, and a good 4 yards of achingly trendy old curtain tape. A good 4 yards, rather like the big half.

Also, i am enjoying the shallow but deliciousness that is having to buy a smaller pair of jeans.
The Florist by the Sea and her shop in all it's glory.
Reports are that the food is good, but a little table linen wouldn't go a miss.
I am going to have to remove myself from Rupert Sanderson's mailing list, it is torture.
and my dear i am sure your son is most suitable, but he is also gay.

Just another day at the office.

to regular readers a heartfelt plea, does the blog look different? I have a niggling feeling that the font has changed itself, or scale, or formatting? or it might just be me.....


Unknown said...

Is there anything you can do to your RSS feed to make your posts show up in their entirity, with pictures on Google Reader? I don't have this problem with any other blogs. I love yours, but I would love it more if I could read it syndicated along with the other couple of hundred blogs I follow, rather than having to click through to your site every day.

Procris said...

The balance might feel different because the banner is less wide? I don't mind having to click over from the RSS feed because I like how you change things up every now and then.

Miss Pickering said...

Procris: Precisely, i knew somthing was up. Can't think what i did to make a small banner...
I thought i was going insane.
Thank you, it's not just me.

Laura said...

Reading your blog, I feel I am on the outskirts of the 'cool' group listening in and desperately trying to join in... love the piccies again today. Lx

Miss Pickering said...

Laura I have spent my life lurking on the outskirts of the cool group. Trying to fit in with,
the skinny girls, the non-science geeks, The Conde Nast girls, the girls that only carry a clutch bag, i was let in once, it wasn't as much fun as I thought it was going to be.

Florist in the Forest said...

The text does appear to have shrunk a little, but hey the pics are bigger and that can only be a good thing!

Miss Pickering said...

Fleuriste au foret.

The problem is that the landscape images havent got bigger, they just look that way because the text is small. i cant make the pictures big because the blog is too small.

Catch 22

Starting to ger obsessed.

Step away from the laptop Miss P.

flwrjane said...

Can you move your blogroll all the way over to the right? This will give room for the pics and text to breathe.

Also your picture is missing. i miss you.

xo jane

flwrjane said...

Laura, I used to feel this way just last winter...

and now look Miss P., and I are BFFs.

Just keep hanging around and being self deprecating. Proven winner.


Miss Pickering said...


I can't move the blogroll, that is my problem, amongst others.

I think it could be the header?

I took me off to see if that would make a difference.

I didn't step away from the laptop.

I choose Rioja.

Urbanstems said...

Viburnum opalus - one of my favourites! Your font looks different too. Just to throw that into the mix! Sinead ps Clutch bags just dont suit me!! x

Mrs T-J said...

I am by no means any kind of florist,(as a christmas wreath making session will testify!), whenever I take a clutch bag to a party I lose it and I have no idea what RSS Feed is, or what having banners to big or too small would entail. However I do adore Hounds and Hellebores in that order,beautiful pictures today Miss P xxx

Mrs B said...

It still looks lovely to me and I am unfortunately a perfectionist.....I don't understand the techno speak......definitley never ever been in 'the group' in my life though so nothing new there. Is there a bit more blank margin at the edges?

Surely new jeans require beautiful shoes for fun and friendship? Maybe not on a florist wage....although there is 25% off at Gap.....but not net-a-porter. Well done you xxx

Anonymous said...

You are right you must remove yourself from Rupert Sanderson he is way to expensive!

Julia said...

Dear Miss Pickering,

I like your header Missy. It is bewtiful. Again, I just have to say you are one savy, funny girl. Thanks for the blog, it makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

another vote for addressing the google reader/RSS issue.

your photographs are beautiful, but i often dont see them because they (and most of your witty text) do not show up in google reader.

please please please!

thank you.