Beauty without grace is the hook without the bait.

1. Flowers in sea urchins
2. Hyacinth Blue Delft and City of Bradford - who invents these names?
3. I am sensing a theme...

The Hound has gone into hiding, certain photographs of him in an uncompromising position have been circulated on the Internets.

He is negotiating an ITV2 reality show, and a stint on Dancing on Ice.

Thank you to everyone who commented on the blog formatting, it seems big changes have been occurring, i know not how, or indeed how to rectify it. So we'll just adjust.

This post was brought to you by a Ralph Waldo Emmerson quote, a lot of black eyeliner, and pink cheeks.


flwrjane said...

Let me go on record here: neither myself,or anyone with opposable thumbs in this house released any pictures of the hound.

Are you wearing your new jeans?


Alex Tarling said...


Would you like some help adjusting your blog design?

I do this kind of thing for fun, and I'm could make the whole thing wider etc... if you like.

Laura said...

Love the anemone in the shell.... love the link between the two... very clever! These flowers have a special place in my heart, as they remind me of my mum! Lx
P.S I can't imagine that you were ever on the periphery of any 'cool' group. You seem like the kind of gal, that was always in the midst of it all! Lx

Mrs T-J said...

I love the quote, it is so true. I love the connection of the anemome and the urchin and it looks beautiful and graceful indeed. Oh dear who rumbled the hound, I will have a word with salad vegetable, he is most mischievous at present xxx

KELLY said...

i think that is the sweetest and most beautiful thing i've seen all day (alongside my own little urchin here of course) x

wondering how i have come this far in life without a proper container for my celery? am i a true heathen??

megan said...

anemone in sea urchin = amazing. So simple and beautiful.

I also love the quote; I think it describes perfectly how I feel about stiff clunky floral arrangements.

Becca said...

Just saw you in perfect wedding. You are a celebrity. I loooove it.

But don't tell the Hound he wasn't mentioned.

No news this end. No news at all.

I had a moment with snowdrops today. Like a stop and gasp moment. I have lived urbanly for too long.

Clare Day Flowers said...

I love this! The red tulips in the "good hot soup" container is perfect. Love your blog - it's truly beautiful.