L'Effet Papillon

Last night a song reminded me of a time long ago. A time of Strawberry Sundae in Vauxhall, the last stop on a weekend of Trade, Bar Italia, Vivienne Westwood kilts and Converse.

Now i go past the same club on the way to market.

Then the "remember when?" snowballed, and i was in Porto Cervo sipping Mirto, The English Rose and La Principessa, Una Bianca, Una Nera in the club carved out of the mountains.

or the lunch that seemed to last 2 days in the pool house in Biarritz.

These are the memories i hang on to it, when it is pissing it down with rain outside.

I know this song from somewhere, but i can't for the life of me think where.


flwrjane said...

Suitable inspired i have just knotted an Hermes scarf around my neck and filled with thoughts of butterflies am drifting off to work.

WITH a fresh mani pedi!

i owe you an email. Coming soon.

My you lead an interesting life...

Laura said...

Ahh we all have those memories... mines lying on a beach in Australia, pineapple trees in the background, watching dolphins leap out of the water, while the hubby surfs next to them... gorgeous pictures today btw! Lx

flwrjane said...

We have just loaded the cd player with french music.

Your influence crosses oceans.


carwash babe said...

I hate days like today..Stamford dies and I am holed up with 3 delights xxx Enjoy your weekend, see you Tuesday my gorgeous friend x I may bleach my hair again...do I dare after my first attempt? or shall I plant my cherry tree? or play with my hyacinths...?xxx

Emma said...

Just discovered your blog - lovely. Will be following. x

Amanda said...

I just love those ranunculus i could just eat them they look so scrummy :-)