Seeing the bigger picture

I have been harping on about getting big pictures on the blog forever. Finally i think we have cracked it, thanks to Jane for the how-to.

Is the image big? Like on the good blogs? I do hope so.

Did you all have a charming weekend? I hung out in Soho.Such fun.

As always the post title has a hidden meaning.

I am taking suggestions on what to wear.

Stay classy

Jump on the bandwagon and play this song over and over 50 times.

and do we have thoughts on tattoos?


Sprout said...

Looking big from here in Worcester MA!

And no tats for me...I could never commit!

Amanda said...

Love Adele, did you see her on the Brits last week? Fantastic.

I have to admit i have a very small tattoo on my back the chinese symbol for tranquility, I was told when i had it done 20 years ago it was a temporary one, well it's still there!

Have a good day x

Lotte and Bloom said...

funny i have been thinking about tattoos alot again lately and i think i would like one. if i can decide what to get that is

Len said...

Tattoos are like permanent bellbottoms - Jonathan Adler

Urbanstems said...

Photos big, bold and beautiful. The new tattoo is no tattoo! More of a statement not having one these days. I still pontificate though!! Sinead

Mother Hen said...

Love the large images and are you looking to be disinherited? xxx

flwrjane said...

So I guess that's a no go on the tattoo?

Maybe this would be a good time to sneak in a second hound, in lieu of a tattoo?

Bigger is better. Now we can drool over your food and flowers with even more enthusiasm.

Nothing flowered, maybe black? A blonde in black in irresistible.

xo Jane

Jenny said...

The image is big and very impressive!

I love Adele's new song and her performance of Someone Like You at the Brits was amazing! I've downloaded that and have been listening to it over and over.

the gardener's cottage said...

your photos are always beautiful and now they are big and beautiful. thanks jane!

i've been hankering for a tattoo myself.

do share your decision.


rachel said...

Before anyone gets a tattoo, I would be happy to send dramatic photos of my son's tattoos midway through laser removal. Not that I disapprove of tattoos, not at all, just that sometimes we need a reminder that what we love now may not be what we will love in 10 years' time.....

Becca said...

I like the big picture but did have to check we'd not had big pictures before. I have shocking attention for detail for someone in my career.

Ahh tattoo's. I agree with MH. I am not a fan. A friend got married recently and went down the aisle looking like a vision only to to make me GASP outloud at the tattoo on her back.

I'm going to say it. I think they are unfeminine. And a little scary (they won't EVER come off people) And yes. I am 28 and have the mind of a 67 year old.

I am of the shellsuit generation (sorry Len - am obviously younger) and it would be like carrying around a Kappa Jacket FOREVER.

gg said...

i suppose i can't resist a comment on the subjects...
remember that ink in the flesh will be a permanent reminder, an embodiment of you now. if you choose well, it will change in meaning with you and you will not regret it... might i suggest an 'I <3 Adele' tatoo?
I agree with the flower named jane: black... with a pair of those great shoes that you are always talking about!