Double delivery

The pictures have nothing to do with the tale i am about to recount. They are proof that even in a seemingly empty fridge, there is always something to make a meal from. If in doubt chargrill everything, that way nobody will know that the Halloumi cheese was BB June '10.

Yesterday i took a train bound for London, and met the The Florist by the Sea. she brought a long a friend, who has now also become my best friend, and will be the bridesmaid at my wedding* Wearing midnight blue, vintage obviously, little miss seaside is wearing eau de nil.

We lunched, we had wine, we headed towards The Luella's evening, and got sidetracked by Jamie Astons shop, all candelabra and Pepita roses. Then we tried again and got sidetracked by a bar.

We finally made it, and behold what wondrous things. Emily was there, with baby Max, i finally met Helen from Cutture, whose work is mind blowing, naturally The Beautiful People were there with their i-pad. It is only the 2nd time in my life i have seen an i-pad. I was mesmerised. I want one.

There was a fashion show, which completely passed me by, ivory dresses not really my thing, but we did spend a lot of time looking at bridesmaids dresses. Some were vintage, others not, but all beautiful.

Then much later, while you were sleeping, we talked of Harold and Maude, and Phil Tuffnel, and watched Cabaret - where my name came from.

The moral of the story, always pack flat shoes for the walk home from the station, avoid men bearing a bottle of red wine and plastic cups, and think twice before committing to the possibility of a double delivery.

*Please note i am not actually getting married, but with new friends, a bottle of wine, and a wedding fayre - anything seems possible.


flwrjane said...

This is too much for me to take in as I'm late for work.

I shall have to come back and follow all your links.

Your day was as amazing as GG's birthday.

xo janr

John said...

Just curious... What was the wine that led you to an *?

Mrs B said...

Well if that's what I think it sounds like....a very exciting way to be met (by surprise?) from the train.

I was in Luella's last week and was too eying up the pretty maid's dresses. I fancied the dusky rose one, to be worn with all sorts of vintage sparkle from the beautiful displays.

Not sure what a double delivery is though...I doubt it's anything to do with giving birth to twins.....but spring seems to be most definitely in the air so I won't count that out entirely.

Becca said...

And breathe.....

I too did what Jane did and waited until I was home and clicked the links. The florist by the sea looks lovely and I'm sure that her friend will look lovely in midnight blue. I always imagine people from Dartmouth to wear blue because of their Naval links.

I would have liked to have been at sea in another life.

Shame I missed Luella's. I love their website. When I am next in London (I almost said "Town" then - too much Downton Abbey this morning) I shall "call".

I want an Ipad too. Everyone has them apart from me. Or I thought it was everyone apart from me. But now I realise it is apart from us.