The big white elephant in the room

The thing everyone is too embarrassed to bring up.

The turquoise dresser, and it's residencey in the sitting room. The one that was in the kitchen, before I swapped it for the bookcases.

It is usefully holding some interesting artefacts, but there is no escaping the fact that it is colourful.

I have taken to postioning my very stylish Punch print between the dreser and an armchair, see gold and turquise works..... admittedly the Spanish sewing machine probably needs to go. Anyone?

Did you have a good weekend? We danced with the devil under the pale moonlight.

23.5 bonus points if you can name the film.

We also discovered that last year was not a fluke. Even dripping in Truffle butter, he can't get enough.


a g said...

This is too crypric even for me
batman.I gave you that wedding pic.
When are we going to be eligible to charge for autographs? Size 8 approaching fast. Dress fitting tuesday - don't be late x

Jennifer Tetlow said...

Lovely, I'm laughing! And love the viewfinder images.

John said...

I see you spent the weekend praying. I mean "preying".

the gardener's cottage said...

oh i love that turquoise dresser. and the fisher price toy, oh memories. and i believe that line comes from the movie batman. i had 3 little boys at one time and that was a movie played more times than i care to remember.


Adam said...

Film is Tim Burton's Batman, line said by Jack Nichelson playing the Joker - I claim my points and am off to count threads in the carpet.

AnneMarie said...

Love the blue! Fisher Price telly thingy, memories! xx

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Suggest pop the sewing machine in your window with a 'for display purposes only' sign.
Many objects in the world look lovely in turquoise, but that dresser...

Anonymous said...

Have just seen "Griff the invisible" -- totally random thought - perhaps you might like it :)