I know I can be a good good girl

but I've been bad before.

Sometimes i know the lyrics to songs i have never heard. That's because the alarm goes off at 5.30am playing the radio. Sometimes i get up, and other times go back to sleep. It must be osmosis, a bit like when you listened to French on your Walkman the night before your GCSE.

Anyway this post is not about Alexis Jordan, but about colourways. Or more likely about the wretched Amnesia roses. My inbox has been filled with florists getting all cross with me, about my comments. Which i wrote about ages ago, do keep up ladies.

The content of these emails is: Don't keep slating amnesia roses. Who the hell do you think you are?


So instead a new colourway for you all to get your knickers in a twist over.

Blue and peach and yellow.

Amnesia is dead to me.

Also to the man who rang to place an order, and then rang back to say "you could make some money out of that sexy voice of yours"


you might mistake me for a heartbreaker, because there's blood on the floor, but i know i can be a good good girl.


amy merrick said...

That's how I feel about those ranunculus with the salade-y green spitting centers. I don't care how expensive those things are- fugly to the max.

Jennifer Tetlow said...

I tried the Walkman thing just before exams, but the French did not osmose and I failed.

flwrjane said...

Your pheromones are in overdrive.

This is not a bad thing, but you must remember to have mercy.

Mercy Miss.Pickering.


Dee said...

I think your blue, peach and yellowing is lovely. Sorry about the creepy man. Perhaps you should put some Amnesias in his bunch. So to speak.

Laura Coleman said...

I have a bride who has commissioned these colours (and a bit of red and lime green to boot) for her wedding this year.

Mixed dahlia shall feature. British of course.

I'm very excited about it. So is she. I have ink bottles and random assorted other glass items to place them into. Brandy glasses amongst them.

I love your debates on flowers.

I still like and love to use the amnesia rose. But thank goodness we're all different. Wouldn't life be dull otherwise.

Snowflakes are better than Vivienne. That's todays conclusion.

Guelder roses are todays favourite. Tomorrow it will be something else I'm sure.

PS Craspedia rock. They are already on the list for above said wedding.

Have a lovely day with, or without Amnesia. xx

Mrs B said...

I have always thought Amnesia dirty.....just like the pervert xxx

HWIT BLOGG said...

Lovely flowers! Lovely pictures! Lovely blog!
Best wishes from T

Anonymous said...

love, love, love putting the billy buttons in all things Spring! I did a similar arrangement for Kenwood House last week. I like Amnesia myself, but if one more person says that they look dirty, I may change my mind!!

Becca said...

Miss P, tell the truth. You said that you would be delighted to make me a bouquet of domed Amnesia Roses with diamontes in the middle and some bear grass with pearls on.

The thought.

I just felt a shudder of death down my back.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Mine is that I don't really like the C-round yellow flowers.

P.S. You should have said to pervert man "I do". But I suppose then he might keep ringing.

Maybe he heard about the red nail varnish.

My Life of Domestic Bliss said...

Miss, Your flowers are beautiful to this Southwest Georgia girl's eye! Also, you are a hoot - you and the Hound never fail to give me a chuckle.
A happy St. Patrick's to ya'll.

giboulee said...

Your words are so delicious! Such a delight!
What about some retro Pierre de Ronsard?