A short play

Scene set in a bedroom 2.20a.m.

A blond sleeps on sheets of Egyptian cotton, then the darkness is disturbed by the faint light of an i-phone screen, and a tap on the shoulder.

The Hound: According to my Twitter feed, Jennifer Garner has been chosen to play Miss Marple.It is a disaster.

Miss P. Pardon? Do you know what time it is?

The Hound: Yes it is 2.20am, it says so on my i-phone.

Miss P. Why is this important now?

The Hound: She is an American, It is like Renee Zwellger in Bridget Jones, and Keira Knightley in Pride and Prejudice all over again.

Miss P. I thought Renee was perfect as Bridget Jones, and Keira Knightley is British.

The Hound: But it's Miss Marple!

Miss P. I am inclined to agree with you on this point. Joan Hickson forever.


Gemma said...

OOO I was fuming when I found this out! Apparently Disney want to give it "youth appeal". I have something to say to you Disney... "One of Our Dinosaurs is missing", Disney 1975, protagonist a MATURE Helen Hayes. great film, kids and adults loved it. You don't need to be young and sexy to be in a kids film. Sort it out and stop faffing with things that need no faff Disney!
.... Grrr!

Gemma said...

P.S: Yes to Joan Hickson, Agatha Christie ttold her sh'd play Marple one day. Who can top that really? Garner, take heed!

Mrs B said...

'One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing' is one of my favourite films.....thank you Gemma for that little reminder. Re Miss Marple.....Joan Hickson IS Miss Marple. I think maybe Disney didn't get a memo or something.

Mrs T-J said...

Incongruous, bizarre, just random really I mean I am more Miss Marple than Ms Garner! xxx

Len said...

I wouldn't get your knickers in a twist about this film. Joan Hickson was Miss Marple. No one can touch her portrayal and it will live on. This film most likely will come out and then be long forgotten as a lame attempt of modernizing gone badly wrong.

sactovlr said...

ahh...the whims of Hollywood, what can I say?