The post title is purely for Cityboy1. Proof that i can type 8 numbers accurately. I know yesterday it took 3 attempts, but i blame the black screen. You know full well i don't do black screens.

So how was the weeekend? Did you regardez the Grand Prix? It wasn't the most exciting of races, but it was a good opportuntiy to get to grips with all the new drivers, and the tyres and the KERS and the DRS, and Mr Hamilton came second.

1. I have violas everywhere  the garden, i haven't the heart to pull them up.
2. My new food addiction, you can see how eager i was to break into the packaging.
3. Storage jars and crochet.
4. Plants for Mothers Day.

Also the clocks changed here, thoughts turn to summer clothing. Are we doing floral tea dresses with slutty necklines and cardigans again this year? Intermingled with capri pants and striped tops? I hope so, because that is all i have.

and then the census forms, what is your occupation? briefly describe your general activities?

I really wish i could have written Real Housewife of Orange County. Buying diamonds, having botox, fake boobs and drinking wine. I love that programme, and those that are tutting because you only watch BBC4 - get over yourselves.

The Hound is getting all high horsey again.

488 bonus points if you know what the 8 numbers are.


John said...

Following on last week's puzzle, for which I received no credit--I believe my reply was too cryptic-- is the lock combination to the Bat Cave. Or a way of speeding up your Interwebs connections.

Miss Pickering said...

Dear John,

You sound to me like, and a quote from a movie here

"Ahh yes, a very intense young man named David."

Your reply was not too cryptic, you just weren't the first to get it. The bonus points are just for fun, they aren't like Nectar points, you don't get vouchers to spend in Pizza Express.

Miss P.

Name that film?

Anonymous said...

The shop dog blog always makes me laugh, as do you, Miss P!

Primchick said...

Buying diamonds..? having botox...? fake boobs...? and drinking wine...?
You sure you're not watching "the only way is Essex"...? :oP

flwrjane said...

The Americans have arrived with answers.

GG: Pretty Woman.

Jane: Yes striped tops and capris will be worn. Not so sure about the slutty neckline on moi.I tend to dress more like Luce in Imagine me And You.

But on you sensational. And of course the cardi's with ballerinas on our feet.

Anything else?


Mrs T-J said...

Tailored shorts, opaques and ballerinas are my favoured look for spring into summer, then its a must with the floral tea dresses teamed up with pink wellies. xxx