Spring fever

I have it bad. I am giddy. Anyone would think I had never seen the sunshine, ever. I am sun drunk, and loving it.

Colour combinations seem more amazing than ever, I have taken to wearing a floral headscarf and this morning i made purchase of an iced coffee.The other patrons of the coffee shop were not sun drunk, and didn't get my enthusiam for iced coffee. I shot one grumpy a lady a look that said.

"If you think this is excitable, you should see me at Disneyland"

She avoided my eye contact. Sensible.

The iced coffee comes in a clear pot, which means you can see the milk, double edged sword. I have a thing about milk,I like it I just don't like to see it.

I also had a call from Mr Naylor, who said he was going to go in search of his blogging mojo. We await. He also said he is going to buy a WAP phone today, so he might be more interesting to follow on Twitter....

Are you sundrunk? Or is it the excitement that tomorrow is the first Friday practice of the season? Or have you been watching the interviews on youtube as well? It's like a whole other language.

Carry on up the river.

Also today i need a man in suit, just for 2 minutes. Could you oblige? It needs to be dark, or pale, nothing in a mid grey, with pin stripes.

Merci beaucoup.

POST EDIT: An unsuspecting man in a suit has just arrived. Speedy.


Lee said...

Dear Ms P, just wanted to let you know that I was working at client's office today - right next to the F1 track here in Melbourne! A couple of the F1 cars went out for a spin (in the overcast, rainy weather) and wild horses couldn't stop me from pressing my face against the window to sneak a peek. Tres exciting! Can't wait till the qualifying round. Lee :)

Unknown said...

Sundrunk here too. Legless.

flwrjane said...

Fever!! in the morning fever all through the night.
Sorry I got all Peggy Lee carried away there.

It's raining here. perfectly grey and dreary almost like what England used to be.

That's what I drink, but with espresso. hey soul sister.

xo jane

Lu and Miss Lu said...

You are SO right Miss P - the whole of Hackney is awash with the sundrunk. I have taken to wearing my most floral of floral dresses and was very very tempted to go paddling in the water gushing from the burst water main on the Lower Clapton Road.
Loving the floral headscarf too - might I also recommend floral socks from Tabio? Keep the sunny side up!
Lu and Miss Lu

Unknown said...

Its positively Summer here in South Cambs.

There's been a man out to mow the village green and everything!

Is The Hound wearing a floral headscarf too or is he more of a Panama kind of chap?


Rachel said...

Gorgeous gorgeous - love both the flowers and the headscarf. Guinness the Greyhound currently sunbathing by the window.

Gill said...

We nearly had lunch in the garden but I had pots, tools and Hazel branches everywhere so we decided to sit in the sunny front room instead.

Florist in the Forest said...

Completely sundrunk - can't get enough, love it!!

Bow Street Flowers said...

Love the headscarf!