Mothering Sunday April 3rd 2011

Trophies filled with rosebuds, pails of Spring, vintage jugs filled with colour, vintage bowls filled with bulbs.

The shop is bursting with ideas to say thank you to your very own Mother Hen.

Next week we will be open everyday including Monday. The Hound is overjoyed at this news.

 and as every year we will be open and delivering on the day itself.

Call us on 01780 482961 to place your order.

We also have a lovely selection of greetings cards, vintage paraphernalia, and the odd china dog.

Today i had another iced coffee, am wearing my butterfly and bug top, finalised the photographs for a great how to, coming up on Monday, and fell in love with Paris. Again.

Bon weekend my darlings, don't forget to watch the Grand Prix.

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flwrjane said...

Lucky mothers in your neck of the woods.

We would have liked to see your butterfly top...

And I am still waiting for more details.

Do I have to wait till Mothering Day is over?

with xoxo from your impatient friend.

My word verification is unfold....hmm