Behind the scenes at a Wedding flowers shoot.

My basket and i headed once more to the studios of the ever fabulous team at RGBdigital for a Wedding Flowers magazine shoot.

Boxes labelled Matthew Williamson samples, were being readied for photographs too.

Andy was photogrpahing the flowers, and i learnt a valuable lesson in lighting. The arrangement made in a garden at dusk looked warm and rich and deep pinks (top picture) but against a white background and studio lights looked yellow (bottom picture) Next time i am going to campaign for a background of weathered oak.

I also learnt that it takes a whole side of A4 for me to write down the ingredients list of the arrangement. Apologises to the magazine who have to make space for it all. I like texture, a lot of texture.

There was also a butonhole, bound in fabric and a tag that reads "sew in love" attached. Twee.

and a headband, that i had to make on site with the headband from my head, as the original i left in a fridge somewhere. It was a proper Blue Peter moment, from out of the bits in my basket and the loan of some paper scissors, a new one was made.

Also, is anybody having a garden party for the Royal Wedding? I have to talk to a journalist on Friday full of creative ideas about fun things to do. Do you have a tablescape idea. Do you think the word tablescape is a bit up itself? Me too.



Mrs B said...

I like the arrangement in pinky orange & yellow.

I'm attending a street party...bit more rough and ready than the garden variety I fear.

I have been informed there will be welly throwing along with a best hat and best waistcoat competition. Not the help you need I know but 'tablescape'....really?
....who are these people?


Admin said...

Well, if we're tablescaping then place cards are up there on your list right?

How about creating weird and wonderful king/earldoms related to in-jokes or names and give everyone a title for the day?

That's my pretentious tablescape input.... I actually love that word! Good luck Miss P. x

flwrjane said...

Constance Spry is HUGE among the 20somethings in Brooklyn. Maybe the renewed interest in tablescapes?

We know nothing royal wedding wise here in Virginia, but I'm saddened to announce I am not doing the flowers.

I assumed you would be.

xo xo

Interiors and Flowers said...

Street parties are taking over Somerset it would seem.. but we're having a little reception all of our own, with yummy corsages, big hats, champers & cake all day.. x
Ps. we love the shoot flowers.. absolutely divine!

Anonymous said...

Yay, i have also worked with Andy at RGB, a lot. Ask him about the Marie Claire christmas gift guide, he loved it when i turned up with 1000 boxes full of 'treasure/tat". Please say hello next time you see him.
The Aussies are loving the royal wedding btw, but no street parties here, i think it will be near midnight by the time they actually tie the knot, but hey it's another excuse for a knees up, expats love a knees up....