Royal Rosa


We have jumped on the Royal Wedding bandwagon. Scoured the shops for books to quench our fever, and discovered that the Royals have actually had some "blog-worthy" details, and not a photo booth or fake moustache in sight.


It seems the Royals had a penchant for fresh flower garlands on their dresses, Queens Alexandra and Mary, pioneers. Then the Grace Kelly coolness of the Duchess of Kent.

Princess Anne's hair may not have changed in decades, but her wedding dress wouldn't look out of place on the catwalk of David Fielden

and then there is King George VI, long before he became famous as Bertie in the Kings speech and won an Oscar and all. Loving the veil.

Obviously then there was Diana, and Fergie with her flowers that became a tiara moment, but the book was published before then..

I don't know what Kate will carry, i hope it is something with a bit of colour, but i hope they don't try and do soemthing too casual, or try and be "one of us" it never works.

I want pomp and I want ceremony.

Also i was reminded of the last time i commented on Royal Wedding flowers.....and got my knickers in a twist.

Newsflash Kate will be wearing her hair DOWN.



Mrs B said...

What is the dress garlanding made from please.....it looks like amazing embroidery....stephanotis? How many people do you think worked on that on the morning of the wedding.....fascinating times.

Duchess of Kent's dress is my fave - sooooo stylish.

I thought the flowers followed by tiara thing was due to the fact the tiara is only bestowed on them once they are married - I thought we would see a similar transformation next friday but who knows.

Hair down?...hmmmm, no lip gloss for her then.

I will be disappointed if her bouquet isn't wired, call me old fashioned but that's how it should be. Bring on the pomp xx

p.s. I have bypassed Easter (sorry Jesus) and just installed my subtle and tasteful wedding window...quality hand stitched union jack bunting and white hydrangea in white vessels....the locals are about to form a lynch mob....all Guardian readers round here

Miss Pickering said...

Mrs B.

We too are bypassing Easter. Also apologises.

It is indeed stephanotis. Well spotted. I have a plant here, i am going to thread some through the hem of skirt tomorrow.

I think if i recall Fergie's design was entering as a country girl with a floral headress, and then after the signing of the register they were swapped for a tiara, as she left a Princess.

I remember wanting to be Fergie. I fancied Andrew.

I have noticed a suprising number of Republicans even in this fair true blue town.

Miss Pickering said...

p.s. email a picture of your window, i wish to share it here. Will get other florists involved too. It will be a hoot.

Mrs B said...

Currently have temporary small hydrangea plants until tomorrow when (fingers crossed) the large ones are arriving....not sure my photography is up to it but I promise to try very hard.

Also, you will NOT laugh at my hideous upvc shop front

Mrs T-J said...

I adored the Queen's wedding dress and I thought she looked so beautiful too. I was 11 when Princess Diana married and even I remember being a tad disappointed with all the metres of creased tafetta, but she also looked like an English Rose. Kate will be stunning from her head to her tippy toes.

Wedding windows all the way, Easter windows belong to the Chocolatiers! xxx

sactovlr said...

always wondered what was up with Princess Anne's hair....

our latest 'royal' wedding (Reece W.) here in CA was very casual but her bouquet was to die for...simple mass of roses...

keep us yanks posted on all this 'royal wedding'!

Liz Snape said...

Hair down? Completely? Nooooooo...