Happy Easter and The Sunday Telegraph

It would appear we made the cover of the Life section, you know the one, the one with the puzzles.

There is also a bit inside. The photographer was Clara Molden, she was brilliant.

Tomorrow i will give you a behind the scenes look, and maybe in the week some how-to's, so that you can throw your own party of silver (plate) and red roses, and trees festooned with fancy lamps.

This mornings breakfast was a biscuit, made by one of my brides, and an Easter Egg with my name on it.

Now it is off to The Mother Hen's for Christmas lunch.

Also last night i went out for dinner, and witnessed an actual marriage proposal. Not mine. The man at the table opposite. He had had "marry me?" iced onto a big Easter Egg. Brilliant.

She said yes, and apparently is never going to eat the egg.

Happy Easter

Miss P.



Born & Bred Studio said...

Happy Easter! Love the images...how exciting!
Also a great giveaway over at Me Old China which ends on tuesday x

Kay said...

at last we get to see you!! Happy Easter Miss Pickering...and its good to know romance isn't dead in your part of the world..x

Laura said...

Wow, that's some column inches you got there Mrs Pickering! I wish I was still in Blighty to get a copy and read all about you. I'll check online! I nearly popped into Stamford when back home, just so I could see your shop! Not eat the egg?? I couldn't be so disciplined... not with chocolate! Lx

flwrjane said...

Happy Easter to my favorite cover girl.

As I'm sipping my second coffee perhaps you're setting your pudding alight.

The Christmas bunny did not leave me an egg with my name on it.....best be off to look around the yard again.


Anonymous said...

Oh you should be so proud - well done ! What a lovely proposal :)


Hi Miss Pickering,
Lovely cover and garden party photograph in todays Sunday Telegraph.
Happy Easter!
Ingrid xx

Amanda said...

We got the paper today and it was lovely to see you on the front of the life section. Mum and me even attempted some of the crosswords and puzzles whilst selling plants at a funday today. Happy Easter x

Lucy said...

Well done Miss Pickering! Where did you get your lovely skirt from? Important question! x

Polly Alexandre said...

Love it! Looking fabulous. Well done superstar.

Mrs T-J said...

What a beautiful cover girl you make Miss P, super shots Chez Mother Hen.

Am I allowed to feel famous by association now?

Brill achievement, well done. xxx

sactovlr said...

Fantastic cover shot! Love the idea of bringing the inside 'out'.

And anyway, what are mothers for if not to indulge us with our creative and crazy notions.

Continued success - and thanks for sharing the photos.

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Blimey nora's, you'll be on TV next. Can't wait.