A Good Friday


i made you an Easter still life.

It is now only 2 days until we are featured in the Sunday Telegraph. Will you buy it?

This morning i encountered a man and a big box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts all the way from London. the doughnuts not the man.

My inbox is filled with flower shops and their Royal Wedding windows, keep them coming. I have also allowed cake shops.

The Farmers' market is here again today.

I have red nails.

Things that are not so good.

Hambleton Bakery sold out of Hot cross buns at 10am.

I dropped my Blackberry into a sink of water. It is not doing well. I am overdue for an upgrade. Blackberry Torch or Iphone? I am going to the shop at 5pm, so you have until then to vote.

Have a fabulous Easter, may it be filled with chocolate eggs, simnel cake and hotcross buns.

We are having Christmas pudding.

Convention and my family are not friends.

We will be back on Sunday, to shout about the Telegraph feature.



Adam said...

+1 iPhone

Mrs T-J said...

1 vote for the i-phone.

Loving Mr Puddle-duck, he has quite an air about him.

Rhubard crumble here, not a hot cross bun in sight, we will be having fish tonight though, its a catholic thing and oh that catholic guilt!

Happy Easter one and all. xxx

Becca said...

I phone.

bowstreetflowers said...

IPhone!!!!! You'll be so happy you did!

Mrs B said...

I know I'm too late but iPhone.....I hope you did.

I have set an alarm to remind me to purchase telegraph.....excellent example of iphone features xxx

Travel With Lulu said...

Beautiful arrangement! I vote for the iPhone with all the invaluable apps.

Anonymous said...

Love the little duck he is gorgeous.
I would vote for the i-phone - love the linking with a Mac pro and my newest and favourite toy the ipad 2.
Lots of fun linking everything and very handy.
Happy Easter to you.

the veg artist said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That is some coverage!

FoFum said...

I Phone! Hope you got one. If you did, you'll be glad you dropped that Blackberry in the sink.