It has been a gastronomic weekend, Easter Sunday spent chez Ma Hen. A chance to utilise the new bank of ovens, and dining out here, and here.

1. An Easter table centre made with cowparsley, hazel and daffodils cut from the garden, the sun was shining, the birds tweeting, flower scissors and a vast garden it was whimsical.

2. The new ovens.

3. The Easter cake with the baby chicks. When we were younger my sister and i used to spend hours in the shop choosing the chicks with the prettiest faces. I think these particular chicks were once pretty, but may have resided for too long in the kitchen drawer.

4. Easter / Christmas lunch

Then last night dinner and a movie with Bert.

I am a very lucky girl.

What of your Easter? Did you consume far too much chocolate? Did you watch the Kate and Wills drama on channel 5? Do tell.


Sue Morris said...

Am I too late to comment on the lovely Telegraph feature? Lots of great part ideas, and beautiful flowers.
I saw the drama on C5......

Sue Morris said...

Hope I'm not too late to leave a comment on the lovely Telegraph article. Lots of great ideas for a party, and such beautiful flowers.
I saw the Channel 5 drama !!!....strangely watchable, ..in places

Laura said...

Oohh, I love cow parsley, when I came back from Australia to England I remember waking up and smelling the air, thick with the smell of cow parsely... I knew I was definitely home... Lx

Anne Wheaton said...

Of course far too much chocolate. Your chicks seem to have worn better than mine - I don't think mine were completely cleared of icing before they were put away.

Primchick said...

I had a go.. can't blame a girl for trying...!!? http://talesfromourcottage.blogspot.com/

the veg artist said...

And now Bunny Guinness's article is on the Telegraph online, with your name under the article header photo, and link to your website highlighted!

Admin said...

eek http://news.uk.msn.com/royal-wedding/photos.aspx?cp-documentid=157201152&page=15 my goodness. I'm actually giddy with excitement. x

Mammamsterdam said...

I can hardly believe it myself, but no choc this Easter, I just started my very firts diet. Fantastic almost summery weather, weekend at mother in law with the whole crew, lots of cuddling with new 2-months-old nephew (gosh, I forgot everything on changing diapers, but still remember a good deal about the rest).

My only edible contribution to the festivities was a focaccia made with leftover ingredients of my sis-in-law's cake.

Tell me about being spontanious.