A sneak peek

into what happened when Daily Telegraph photographer Clara Molden and I spent some time in the garden of The Captain and The Mother Hen.

I took flowers and a few other things.

This is not one of Clara's photographs, it is another one of my SOOC chestnuts.

You should definitely head to her website to see her amazing work, and you might see a few faces you recognise.

She was so lovely and interesting, tomorrow she is off to photograph the Royal Wedding cake, and on the 29th is heading to a certain Abbey in Westminster to photograph some people called Will and Kate.

Now we have a new photographers website we can all stalk. Brilliant.

Details of publication and a massive massive list of people i need to thank coming up soon.


Becca said...

What like inside the actual abbey? Inside by invitation rather than you know, forgery?


If you'd told us, we could have jumped her, stolen her identity and gone in her place and worn flowers in our hair.

I've just watched that thing on BBC1. Elizabeth Bowes Lyon is Daphne Mouri thingie inspiration. You know, the one with the veil. I kind of get it now. Kind of. And Margaret? I know she went off the rails a bit but she looked like Grace Kelly. It just goes to show I am right about the no diamonte rule. I know you all had this conversation this week but I didn't really know to whom we were referring.

I'm starting to go off Kate. Everyone calls her Kate. Why start with the Catherine thing. Shall we start a sweepstake on the dress? I guess capped sleeves, lace and fishtail with a long train. £2 buys in.

Also didn't Lewis do well today after his rather close call? I prefer Jenson though.

Mrs B said...

just spat out tea.....THE actual Daily Telegraph? The paper I adore but am only allowed to read in the privacy of own home due to previously mentioned lynch mob.....please let it be on a Saturday. A dream come true.....you very very lucky girl xxxx
P.s. Has anyone told Mrs Raven to pack up her little wellie shoe boots and find another job?

Miss Pickering said...

Becca: Inside the Abbey by proper means. She will be the only Telegraph photographer inside the abbey, and has promised to wear a neon suit, so look ot for her.

I will buy in, think full sleeves, long train.

Mrs B: The actual Telegraph, Sunday not the holy grail of Saturday, Sarah Raven is safe for another week.

JustJaneGrace said...

From California my vote is cap sleeves, hair half up/half down, sleep elegant gown, nothing poofy. Nothing over the top, train not too long. Jane

Admin said...

Will certainly be looking out for you on Sunday. How fantastic.

I work one day a week in betting shop and the local punters are voting Ivory and for the Queen to wear yellow hat. I believe the combined odds of both those things happening is 37/1 so they're looking at good returns. {I'm serious. People bet on ANYthing and EVERYthing}

Will certainly be neon suit spotting now. Brilliant.