Roasted rhubarb and breast of lamb

I had one of those days, a day where you switch the oven on, and just keep putting things in it, because it's already on.

I bought breast of lamb, it was reduced, they quite often are. Bonus. Salty nuggets of anchovy fillets, breadcrumbs, every herb in the garden, and chargrilled pepper bound together with an egg, and stuffed into the breast. Rolled up and held together with bamboo skewers, fearing a Bridget Jones moment, i decided against garden twine.

Roasted in the oven, next to a tray of homegrown rhubarb sprinkled with lavender sugar and a generous squeeze of lemon. Poured onto the top of a pot of yoghurt and eaten straight from the pot, sorry Mummy.

The lamb was served with a cucumber salad, and by that i mean cucumber tossed in olive oil, salt, lemon and chopped mint.

As the oven was still on, sweet potato and Gruyere crispy things, i burnt them, they are not pretty, The Hound refused to eat them. After the event i found the recipe that inspired them, and it is supposed to be squash and Parmesan.

You win some you lose some.

So now we have enough food to last us a week, packed lunches made, and left behind in the fridge.

Instead we are eating Easter eggs, and a parcel received this morning from Cityboy1. The parcel contained cake.

I also have a chicken that needs cooking, and i am taking suggestions....


Unknown said...

roast chicken with grapes, tragon and white wine - delicious - its a delia via waitrose.

Procris said...

I stuff the chicken with lemon, onions, and (depending on your spice tolerance) either celery or Jalapenos. Rub the skin with smokey Spanish paprika, drizzle with olive oil, salt.

When done eating the roasted bits, throw the bones in a big pot of water and make luscious spicy-smokey-soup. Plenty of spice and lemon in a chicken soup cures what ails you, that soup does.

Mrs T-J said...

Simply roasted with a lovely herby salad, good mayonnaise and fat home cooked chips. Lush! xxx

Then make some stock for Risotto!

julianna said...

Yum--the lamb sounds delectable!

Mumma Bunny said...

The lamb sounds scrummy! Last week I tried for the first time brining a chicken in buttermilk with seasoning. Left it overnight and roasted as normal with garlic round and it was splendid. It sounds horrid but tastes divine! ( I added a couple of bayleaves for some strange reason but it worked)

Anonymous said...

Wow this all looks delicious, you are multi talented, Miss P! And you never fail to make me laugh.

You've probably cooked the chicken by now, but if you've got leftovers I heartily recommend this soup x