They made a statue of us

And it put it on a mountain top
Now tourists come and stare at us
Blow bubbles with their gum
Take photographs have fun, have fun

Regina Spektor, 500 days of summer, a tale of boy meets girl, woke us at 5.30 am. A growl eminated from a basket, and it was declared too cold to get up, but we listened to the rest of the album.
1. The work bench, red lipstick, coffee, dog chew, Blackberry, flowers, my so called life. I have lost the lid to the lipstick, it lives on the workbench, for emergency application. For times when you want to hide in the cupboard. Like today.

2. Pink, white or not, entirely unintentional, it must say something about my mood.

3. White and sandstone. Sandstone is my new favourite thing.

I went for the Blackberry again, i know you all said i-phone, i even had several emails really telling me to get an i-phone. It started to feel like a cult, and i'm not really into those.

My Royal wedding fever is out of control, i actually just jumped up and down whilst waving a flag, i am so excited to see the flowers. Foliage a go go. Deep joy. If you are not really into the wedding, i would avoid any contact with me tomorrow.

 Commemorative biscuit tins R us.


Admin said...

I am so unbelievably excited. I think I'm annoying everyone so I've stopped talking and written the longest blog post ever written instead!

Kim Finley said...

I like your attitude wedding naysayers be damned! No one around me is interested in the wedding - I am beached on the moon, no wait, it's just Iowa...

I see you also have an emergency chocolate biscuit on your work bench - what a good idea. I think I need one too - starting, to, feel, weak, with, ex-cite-ment!!!

Gorgeous flowers - best to Hound.


I love that movie! Oh and that song! And your flowers too, a lot.

JustJaneGrace said...

Not too far off topic, but are you going to post the Royal Wedding Flower Shop Windows so those of us west of the UK can have a peek, too? Please?

Martin & the Magpie said...

excitement mounts here a pace too...my house is the only one in our street with bunting, union jacks and r w & b ribbon.....what is the matter with everyone????..i have been stopped from bringing a flowering cherry tree into the living room so await with baited breath to see the loveliness unfold tomorrow...xx

Primchick said...

You been invited then..., now that your a (ahem)celeb...?? :oP

Jenny said...

I'm so excited about he royal wedding - can't wait to see the dress and flowers tomorrow!

I completely love that Regina Spektor song (and the whole 500 Days of Summer album)! I'm planning on having it on our wedding film. Excellent choice to wake you up!

Florist in the Forest said...

I'm with you on the excitement levels!! flowers dress, dress flowers i just can't wait.

Amanda said...

I am very excited, sandwich platters and ploughman platters ordered, bunting up and i am glued to any programme about them and the news already....now where is the flag :-)

Maple Leaf Weddings said...

There's something SO satisfying about being amongst people who think the same way!
Can't wait for tomorrow morning ... it's all getting too much.
If I was a child, I'd be told not to be so silly - in fact I could still quite well be told that!
Which will be the best - flowers, dress, shoes, hair, tiara ?
Oh it's just all too much.