Does size matter?

Lapel man has returned to model some more buttonholes for us, and answer the eternal question, does size matter?

Nobody wants their beau to look like a clown, but nor would you want him in something insignificant. Particularly if he is of beefcake proportions.

1.Peonies, come in many sizes and not all varieties are suitable, but i love them as buttonholes, teamed with geranium leaves. Joy.

2.A single delphinium flower and contrast ribbon. Statement enough for any chap.

3.Love-in-a-mist and rosemary, Lapel man declared this to be a bit hippy for his tastes, but i like it.

4.Scabiosa and mint and string on long stems, balances out a small head. flower head, not man's head.

5.Hydrangea. This is clown territory. Stay away.

Also if you ever pin a gerbera on your man, we will never be friends. Ever.

Whilst we are on the subject, longevity in a buttonhole is overrated.

Most boys wear it on their jacket, and wear their jacket for the ceremony, photos, and then take off jacket. So if you want to use something very delicate, use it, and if it lasts until the first dance, brilliant, and if it doesn't does it matter? and don't ever use a florist that makes them the night before. Getting up at 4am to make buttonholes is what you pay us for.

In the war of aesthetic Vs. longevity, always choose aesthetic.

Bon weekend folks, do you have fun things planned? Are you watching the grand prix? I have this song on repeat, practicing the tango.


Kim Finley said...

What good, practical advice, especially if you're a clown. And lovely music. The cat is twirling around the house as I write.

Martin & the Magpie said...

I have a confession to make: I'm a grown up man and I'm always slightly starting to freak out I see anything clown-ish.. They are scary (might have watch 'IT' at an inappropriate age.. no explanation for it otherwise..). And you are completely right: Hydrangea buttonhole = clown territory; Gerbera = clown territory... Scary: big no-no.
Thanks Miss P, for inspiration, for wisdom and for music that gets the feet moving! Have a nice weekend.

sarah said...

Love it, thankyou!
Lapel man is fab

YYZ said...

My new philosophy of life: "In the war of aesthetic vs. longevity, always choose aesthetic."

Thank you!

Florist in the Forest said...

Beautiful buttonholes, i will be up tomorrow morning creating with garden roses, nigella and rosemary (no 4am for me though, the joys of late afternoon weddings!!)
I draw the line at the hydrangea buttonhole = definite clown territory.

Mrs T-J said...

Love in the mist for me with Rosemary - what else for union of love and as for the longevity who cares, its up to the marriage to deal with that one!

Beautiful, Miss P. Me and Hubster popped by to see you today, I reckoned you were, temporarily Geschloschen, out buying more serrano ham maybe? I did however spot my lady of the lake, resplendent amongst all things floral. Bit worried, will she be happy with my house brick pond after that? xxx

flwrjane said...

Too busy to be witty, but I'm holding on to pretty and gay.

Your hydrangea buttonhole made me laugh and laugh and laugh.

xo jane

Bucks Retronaut said...

Don't know about size,but what I do know is that buttonholes should never ever be pinned on the front of any lapel even if the suit is a renter or deficient in the b/hole dept.
Best then to do without, and get a halfway decent tailor for next time out.

Mrs T-J said...

oh loving the response to the hydrangea buttonhole from all, funniest thing is, we all know, some clown somewhere would go for it with a resounding YES, best not knock on Miss P's door though xxx

Melissa said...

I love the beautiful grandeur of the peony but also love the gorgeous simplicity of the delphinium. It's nice to see these and wish I had seen them when I did my wedding flowers. While I thought the lapel flowers made for my husband and his groomsmen were nice I was disappointed that all florists I visited never had any photo's of them to look through.

domestikate said...

HA ha. The hydrangea made me laugh out loud!