This much i know

If you make anything in white and green somebody somewhere will say the words "just like the Royal Wedding"

In London you can buy French newspapers everywhere, i miss that.

Garfunkel's and Aberdeen Angus Steak houses still exist, ans people still eat in them.

Science corner has got so out of control it has been sent to the window.

and made room for Pinky and Perky.

Polpo in Soho is a good place for lunch, particularly if you are lunching with Polly and Miranda. Good times.

It really isn't worth blow drying your hair if it is blowing a force 10 gale. Birds nest is inevitable.

I have never wanted sleek straight hair more than i did at yesterday's lunch.

is a good place to go with a man and a dog.

McLaren are advancing on Red bull's pace.

I remember Jelly bags the first time around, i am officially old.

did you learn much this weekend?


Mrs B said...

I had a pink jelly bag, to match my jelly shoes.

Lunching with beautiful people...lucky girl. I bet they both wished for big volume and body afterwards.

I'm very excited to be able to say "I've been there" re The Chequers. Like it very much.

I learnt where to get the best local rum & coke, and that the local catholic church appears to have a rabbit hutch at the altar disguised as a tomb....religion is so very bizarre.

KELLY said...

a white jelly bag for me. umm about 20 years ago. but no we are not old. no way.

and i have ripped off your post today. hands held up and guilty. but you inspired me and reminded me of a book title. might just set to reading it again.

we should set up a birds nest hair club. perhaps we should endeavour to get it en vogue too for i know two girls in our house that can only really sport that look.

i can't get enough of white and green. beautiful. x

Mrs T-J said...

Are you at the Chelsea Flower show Miss P? Have you ever been? I havent its on my to do - one day. I am loving white and green too, my big trough and another planter have been planted up with such a colour scheme and I might follow it through with all my pots and baskets this year. In honour of K & W.

I remember jelly bags and jelly bean shoes, in fact I purchased a pair of jelly flip flops yesterday. Yes its all back.


Claim to fame, Dannii Minogue has exactly the same pair as me, or is it that I have the same pair as her? xxx

Jenny Rudd said...

This weekend has been a rip roarer. 2 nights in the big smoke (that's the Auckland one, not the London one) with my girlfriends. Cocktails, champagne, high heels, 5am bedtimes and more laughing than I could shake a stick at. Then straight back home to put the washing on/wipe bums/answer 'what's for dinner' and so on and so forth