A weekend

Cups of tea drunk: 57
Glasses of gin drunk: 4
Roses cut from the garden: 1
Blackberry Clafoutis made and eaten: 1
Pet superstores visited: 1
Cold and flu remedy taken: Dose exceeded
Outfits purchased for the wedding: 0
Episodes of Sex and the City watched: too many
Vintage cameras cursed at: 18
Number of times "film is dead" shouted: 5
120 rolls used: 3, fingers crossed
Peppers roasted with anchovies and cherry tomatoes: 3
Chicken dishes cooked with Spanish black pudding from sultry Spanish man on the farmers market: 1
Number of men reprimanded for asking if it was chicken with baked beans: 1
Grand Prixs watched: 1
Number of birthdays today: 1, Happy Birthday Bert xx


found and sewn said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me. That chicken dish looks delicious.

flwrjane said...

Ah, so that's where you've been...I thought you went to Chelsea.

Well I hope you're feeling better you tea swilling,gin drinking,cursing, hopeless romantic that you are.

Happy Birthday Bert.

Now I'm off to water:)

Anonymous said...

Loving this photographer. Thought it might be just up your street


Primchick said...

& there was me thinking you'd gone to the south of france, & were mincing about with Gerri Haliwell watching F1...?? :oP

Mammamsterdam said...

I love the digitalis in the pic, but have two dangerous kids destroying my garden.

(Gosh, when I got my first parental handbook and checked the poison plants, I realized I spent the best time of my childhood playing aroung gorgeus and deadly stramonium bushes. Oh, well it seems I survived it).

Becca said...

This weekend I mainly lay on the sofa (one), practiced for a job interview (lots), reminded self need new job as current job awful (dose exceeded), boys kissed (one as always), number of times boy asked me to tidy up (dose exceeded), number of trips to Selfridges (two), number of sprays at Jo Malone (thirteen), caramel wafers eaten (17).

Good weekend all around.

Kim Finley said...

Hound is looking particularly handsome!

Mrs Beard said...

This weekend:
London visits (twice, as - bitterly - discussed)
Mud shaky thingies purchased (one, from you)
Rugby finals attended (one, good seats)
Hours spent in car to attend said finals (SEVEN. No comment.)
Birthday parties attended (one, felt like a million, in a good way)
Ridiculous items purchased at Deene Park antique fair (eight, all marvellous)
Unneccessary plants bought in Easton (ten, all beautiful and gifts from The Beard)

p.s. I have a print from Lolas Room (see post above) I think they are super.