I wish you were here

We're just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl.

Wednesday has become Pink Floyd lyric day, that's because my Tuesday evening's have become Pink Floyd lyric evenings. Passing on the love.

Sometimes people telephone to place an order for flower delivery. They open with

"I'm calling from London"

I don't know why.

Sometimes i reply with

"Oh my, all the way from London, isn't technology marvellous?" or

Sometimes i just shout "Margaret?....Margaret? there is someone from London on the phone. London i tell you"

For those of you unfamiliar with the geography of this fair land, London is 98 miles due South of here, people commute to London from here. Everyday. You can't move for former W11 girls in their Range Rovers.

Although to some people in London clearly the "Country" is the land of simple people.

Also thank you to several people that emailed to offer free stuff for my wedding in exchange for a "shout out" on the blog.

The clue was in the post title.

and scences from the shop, including tomatoes, just for my sisters.


Mrs B said...

Love the new header...apologies for my absence...blame Twitter.

When London folk call us up here they spell every single word, place and name when it comes to the card message (even Margaret)....nobody in Manchester has been to school don't you know.

I note yesterday's bridesmaid dress is now sold out...I think that Jane may have mistakenly purchased mine

Becca said...

I suppose it wasn't the lovely people from Browns Bride shoe department then?

Bugger. I knew I should have had a blog like all normal brides.

Apologies for my absence commenting of late. I am overworked underpaid and they have banned iPhone use in the office. I swear they're trying to stop me reading this blog.

Did they offer you anything good? I will be the witness at your wedding to Mr T Hound for a 25% stake in the treasure.

flwrjane said...

I try very hard NOT to answer the phone here BUT when I do and someone announces " I'm calling long distance" I'm always amused. " Long distance, whoever heard of such a thing"!

Mrs. B., no worries I bought them all figuring we've sort out sizes later.

No telling who else is reading this blog and might get ideas.

xo Jane

Mrs T-J said...

Jane save a size 10 for me please I think that's a US 6 or 8, can never work it out.

.... "and where are you?"


"Rutland? Where the hell is that, near Scotland isnt it?"

"No not quite, it's a secret"


{Love, Love, Love} said...

I know exactly what you mean. When I make the HUGE journey to the big smoke, I have to put up with comments like 'Oooooh, haven't you got a country accent'? Yes, I have, I'm from Devon(but live in Cambs). Amazing. :)

Mrs Beard said...

Are you no longer a Hopeless Romantic?

As a Londoner transplanted into the countryside, I am delighted that it takes me only 1hr and 20mins to belt down the A1 should I need a fix of angry pushing and colour blocking.

In other news, please keep posting links to marvellous wedding ring sites, they are going in my Little File of Preparation.