If I were getting married today

1. Lillian and Leonard would take the group shots, i adore this photograph
2. I would wear a Rust wedding band of oak leaves
3. and a dress with sleeves
4. Bridesmaids dresses of gold from Adore Vintage
5. and a cake by Seven Spoons made of ice cream.

I'm not getting married today, but apparently it is one of the FAQ's i didn't answer.

and it is frequently asked.

and i thought i had posted this on Saturday, but seemingly not.

2 posts in 1 day  (sing that to the tune of Crowded house 4 seasons in 1 day.)



flwrjane said...

I will happily and hopefully prettily wear that dress. I am honored to be chosen.

Wait TV? Was there something about TV?

The hound must be irritated,I know he fancied a shot.

Will you post another? I could get used to this:)

xo jane

Mrs T-J said...

Like Jane I am indeed also very honoured to have been asked, can we wear flowers in our hair and sparkly 20's shoes?


the veg artist said...

I adore the Rust rings, but cannot find justification - and I am really thinking hard!

cara said...

Could we maybe perhaps take some of the other photos too?

sactovlr said...

If I were getting married today.....I would certainly think twice about it - that is FoShur!!! ;-)

Rachel said...

That would be a lovely wedding :)