A short play

A man walks into a shop

Man: My wife doesn't understand me

Miss P.: She might, if you bought her flowers instead of just trying to look down my top.

One day an anonymously written book called Secrets of a Shopkeeper will appear on the Sunday Times bestseller list.

I will be anonymous.


Mammamsterdam said...

Looooooooove this all.

Mrs Jones said...

If my husband ever comes into your shop and says anything like that will you please let me know? And then send him home with a large bunch of flowers - which you should point out will make me much more understanding x

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Can it be called 'For Display Purposes Only' and written by Emma Gissit please. A famous name in my Gallery as she repeated herself three times before we realised she was saying 'How Much Is It?'

www.themissingcurtain.com said...

This play can be extended to my shop such that
old Man: I bought you lunch
Me: I am eating my lunch
old Man: It's a sausage roll
Me: I'm a vegetarian
old Man: Oh I'll eat it then
Me: Where's your wife?
old Man: She's in hospital suffering from stress and anxiety
Me: that's a shame
old Man: would you like to come round and see my garage this afternoon?
Me: NO
old Man: I should never have bothered bringing you a sausage roll.

the veg artist said...

I always thought the answer was "Yes, she does. That's the problem."

cara said...

Maybe we could offer a discount for those who buy Secrets of a Shopkeeper and Confessions of a Wedding Photographer at the same time?