Mad dogs and Englishmen

It is hot. Too hot. Last weekend it was too rainy. British weather, no wonder we spend all our time talking about it.

1. A single stem of a bush rose, it clearly has delusions of being a hydrangea.
2. I went to a city, there was a Paperchase.
3. A mad dog
4. Some like it hot.
5. Lunch with a dear friend and a very small person
6. Home cured bacon, not cured in my home, but devoured in it.
7. Homegrown raspberries, so very Tom and Barbara and hello pretty colourway of pale blue and raspberry red.

There was also an unexpected visitor, a rather marvellous evening in India, a dull Grand Prix, Beyonce at Glastonbury that had us all reaching for the stair master, and I turned down a television job. I used the words "not the right vehicle" clearly i need to be slapped.

This might also be the first time we have used a Noel Coward song, I will do it again.

And a very special Bon Voyage to a girl and a boy who are setting off on a romantic adventure.

Did you have fun? Did you survive the heat? Have you had a storm yet? Will we ever talk of anything other than the weather?


cara said...

I like your weekend. Especially the dog bit.

We survived the rain. And the wind. There was no heat where I was. It was still heavenly though.

Jenny Rudd said...

Rather excitingly I have found the dress I'm going to wear to Nancy's wedding. It will be accessorised by a head of shocking pink hair and will be encasing a couple of glasses of champagne as Nance has asked me to sing Ellie Goulding's version of Your Song during the service. I hope I remember to wait until I'm standing behind the mic before I belt it out.

flwrjane said...

Well I'll never give up on talking about the weather so clearly you shouldn't either.

The one time I tried it my fig tree fell down.

Um I forgot what else was in this post so I'm going to visit the other table and see what I'll be wearing as your maid of honor in your wedding.

xo Jane

Kay said...

under the sarcasm i spy dogster spock..love it!
a bit,
no, a car boot sale with the only shade an umbrella i was meant to sell and a warm apple juice.
no but its a bit black,
possibly but not today.