Summer roasts

During times of summer i.e. the whole of the wedding season, i chose roasting as my preferred method of cooking. You probably choose barbeqeuing, most people do. That's because most people have a barbeque, i don't know why we don't.

Anyhow, i am a big fan of the summer roast, purely because you can leave it be, and go and do something else, and you can roast a meat and eat it for the rest of the week in various guises.

Trout are roasted with chervil and lemon, chickens with lime and basil, peaches with demerara sugar and knobs of butter, and strawberries are turned into crumble.

If you open the cupboard and find no other sugar than light demerara and lavender, don't panic go ahead and use them for a crumble topping. It is a taste sensation, if however you can't be bothered to sieve out the dried flower heads, give your guests the heads up. To the uninitiated the little flecks of lavender can look like bugs. Just saying.

Other top tips:

1.Don't EVER use the word porn in a post title, you leave yourself wide open to perverts.

2.Always watch every Grand Prix, because you never know when you might witness some amazing driving. Mr Button, you have proved yourself.

3. It is good luck if it rains on your wedding day, and super good luck if it rains all day long.

4. Wear waterproof mascara everyday, especially when tired because people send lovely thank you cards and they might make you cry.

5. If you don't put too much topping on your crumble, it is basically just hot fruit, and therefore can be eaten as breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack, supper....


Rachael said...

I'm quite partial to some breakfast crumble.

Mrs B said...

I popped out for my lunch before tuning in today and walked past a big box of doughnut peaches at the corner shop whilst thinking 'don't they look gorgeous, I bet Miss P would know what to do with those'.....just peachy

Qpatches said...

OH I so PREFER roasting to Barb-B-Cue ing.... GLAD to see someone else does ALSO! YUMMM...looks delightful!

YYZ said...

Oh, Jensen Button-- he is as cute as one! :) Also, is it wrong if I eat my crumble as breakfast even when it is heavily adorned with sugary, crusty goodness?

Jenny Rudd said...

Waterproof mascara has also been part of my day today. I am very, very homesick. I shouldn't read your blog really as it's a bit like home porn. There you go, I have opened you up for more pervs xx