You think your days are ordinary


And no one ever thinks about you
But we're all the same
And she can hardly breathe without you

Last night over a very late supper of piping hot roast chicken dipped in truffle oil we talked about the things that conspire to bring 2 people together. It was all quite deep and meaningful.

Keane played in the background, do you remember them?

Once upon a time I made a buttonhole for Wedding Magazine. I attached a tag.

The rest is history.

I made the bouquets too.


Mrs T-J said...

The ordinary days are a blessed relief I find sometimes and oh you just cant beat a hot roast chicken, eaten with your fingers and a napkin a la Henry VIII.

Beautiful buttonholes xxx

Mrs T-J said...

Miss P I have tried to leave this comment on shop dog but blogger is playing up so I will leave it on yours instead. Thank you.

He loved dearly and he was dearly loved.

Thank you for the tribute to my gorgeous greyhound boy, started life as a street dog and ended it as a fine country gent. Will miss you forever my Sparky. xxx

domestikate said...

We listened to the first big Keane album one hot summer in York while packing up our first flat together and moving north - those songs will always take me back to that time. Thanks for the reminder! And your buttonholes are beautiful!

cara said...

Well those are just the prettiest buddon holes I've ever seen.