Cowboys and hand dryers

The new window is very slowly taking shape, cowboys and succulents.

Evidently it is confusing for some

"You don't look like a florist, i am very confused by your window"

She felt the need to come and shout this at me, and then bought a plant.

Confusing maybe, but seemingly effective as a marketing tool, she came she bought. Had the window of been full of silk peonies, she may have bought 2 plants.

We will never know.

Also during a rummage i found a Polaroid Land camera for swingers. Best place to buy Polaroid film from if you please. Of course it means now i can go on this Polaroid course if i had the money, and didn't work over Valentine's....

and in other news, this morning a large anonymous parcel. Not the new postcards (you knew the business cards were just a precursor to me selling my images as postcards didn't you??) nor a gift from a lover.

No, because my life isn't quirky enough, a hand dryer, wall mountable, for a loo.

You couldn't make it up.


flwrjane said...

Must come and rummage with you.

Where do you get all this stuff???

Anxiously checking mailbox, er email, waiting for news. Any news.

xoxo J.

Miss Pickering said...


I was rummaging in one of my own cupboards, and then i remembered why it was there.

It uses the only film that Polaroid / Mission Impossible decided not to bring back.

Email later

sactovlr said...

"Cowboys and hand dryers"....kinda like "Cowboys and Aliens" opening the 29th here -- with yummie Daniel Craig! Yeeha!

Mrs Beard said...

The Impossible Project for Polaroid films:

I hope today is better x