Cheap as chips

The retro and vintage shop opposite us is closing down tomorrow.

The Missing Curtain will continue to blog and sell online, but if you have designs of being Artemis or Hannah then get your brogues down to the shop for the last 2 days.

It is an Aladdin's cave, and things are very cheap.

Props for bloggers and brides a go go.

but not the bambis or the tray i have just bought stolen those.

Sorry about that.


Anonymous said...

Love the little cat calender thingy!

YYZ said...

You are TORTURING me! Not much chance I can get there from Toronto in order to scoop up ALL those frames and the 1959 School Annual to add to my collection... Agh!

{Love, Love, Love} said...

Oh no; I love the Missing Curtain! I cannot believe that it is closing down. It was getting better and better; like a miniture version of Snoopers Paradise (Brighton) :(((

Adam Hill said...

Miss P

Did you mention CHIPS !! wrapped in newspaper ??
Count Me In

Yours Mr H

Mrs Beard said...

A sad day. We popped in for a consolatory hug with Angela and I got some very lovely vintage china.

I loved that picnic set but we don't have space for it!