Darling you thrill me

Honest you do
Honest you do

an Otis Redding sort of a day.

Do you do orchids? I think you are either an orchid person or not an orchid person.

I'm not.

but i like the roots.

It's a lot like when you go to a museum and there is a car or a clock sliced in half so you can see how it works.

I prefer museums to orchids. I love a good museum.
Also, any bowl for a pound specials today, romanesco, and figs.


Abbie Kay said...

I think orchids are like the swans of the plant world. All pretty on top but kind of manic underneath.

Like a split personality plant.

Anonymous said...

Those roots look like scrawny, spooky fingers. Rather deformed fingers.

Mrs T-J said...

I'm a bit indifferent with Orchids but I do find them a bit temperamental requiring maximum input with minimal output.

Still, great root photography xxx

cara said...

I'm not really an orchid person, they're too much, like lilies. Good roots though. I go to museums and look at the architecture, and the people, and forget to look at the stuff.