Think of a number

Do you remember Johnny Ball?

I do. With great affection. I was a complete number nerd. I loved maths.

I have broken out the wheelie bin numbers again. Do you remeber we used them here and here?

Use them to number your reception tables or for presenting gifts in jars to small children. They love things with their age on. I don't.

I have also thrown in the enamel ones as well. They are for sale in the shop. £8 each. Bargain. But i don't have all the numbers.

Everything in the shop is for sale with the exception of The Hound...and myself.


flwrjane said...

Do you have a 9 and a 1 and 2? If so I'm buying.

Do you ship to Virginia?

I hated math, but I like my address.

xo jane

Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss P

I'm thinking of a number !?

It's between one and ten,.....

Will you be taking this mind reading trick to the stage ?

Any idea yet ??

yours Mr H

flowers on my table said...

Dear Miss P your blog is lovely, I have just found you re. Flwrjane, and I am now a follower. I love numbers too, Linda x

Mrs T-J said...

I hated Maths cos I was rubbish at it and I still am but I did love Johnny Ball's Think of a Number.

Now if I had had a Maths teacher who had have made the subject as fun as he did, well who knows I could be working for NASA now!

Loving the numbers, flowers and numbers, great, couldnt be more quirky xxx