How i take pictures for the blog.

I get a lot of emails that tell me i have won some money or offering me penile enlargements but i also get some that say.......
"Your camera takes really lovely pictures, which one do you use?"

I am not a photographer, and i don't really know what i'm talking about, but if you're asking....

I started with a Canon film SLR, and then went to a digital Canon 350D so that i could use the same lenses.

Then i was given the Canon 40D, a much bigger and heavier camera, with capacities way beyond me, but i love it, and always have it on me.  Always on auto focus and always on AV priority. I still feel a bit of twit taking photographs in public.

It came with a 17-85mm lens used to take picture 3, and then i bought a 50mm f1.8. used to take picture 4.

Most of the photographs for the blog are taken in the shop window. I like the natural light and the dark grey background. It helps that i mainly photograph flowers, food and The Hound. It is difficult to take a bad picture of pretty things. A hit and miss process, I generally take 3 hurried photos for every one that you see here, and then forget to delete the bad ones from my hard drive and wonder why my laptop is so slow. The best ones are generally when the light is right.

I don't use any editing software. I don't understand how it works, and it takes time which i don't have and i am an idiot with software.

I upload the images using Picasa because it has a big "Blog this" button. Select the images, press the button et voila.

The best tip is to befriend the pro's and learn via osmosis.

Do you blog? how do you take pictures? Do you have a favourite lens? Do you have a good camera bag? Do you have any top tips for us all?


Mrs B said...

Believe me, it is NOT difficult to take bad pictures of pretty things.

It's almost gin o'clock....enjoy

HarrietHatpeg said...

Hi funny enough I was wondering about this too. I'm thinking of asking for a nice camera for Christmas. I currently only use my phone! Yes it's almost wine o'clock here too xx

Anonymous said...

Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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Becca said...

I too am a Cannon fan when it comes to the Cannon/Nikon debate. I have the 550D which is good for a complete idiot like me. I'm also on the auto setting ALL the time. Lens wise I have an 18-55mm and 300mm macro one. I look like p-p-papa-rat-zi.

The camera doesn't maketh the photographer. So many wedding photographers have amazing looking camera and then ruin it by doing spot colour and taking ALL the photos lopsided. That isn't ART people.

Anonymous said...

I loved your comments on how to take pictures for a blog....and how most of the technology available to edit photos.....you pass by...too complicated....me too

Laura Coleman said...

A marvellous blog post. I am not a photographer, I use a tiny little camera - what make and, model I could not tell you. It's the same with cars.

Blogged pictures are on a ratio of 1:20. I take pictures in natural light, flash does neither humans nor flowers any favours. The only difference is that flowers never have double chins, flash or no flash.

The only functions I know are how to turn the flash off and macro mode.

When in public photographing displays, the only tip is to crouch by said displays and use the blooms to hide unsightly exit signs.

If the above approaches fail, I don't use them at all. My laptop is also, very, very slow.

Lynn C Schreiber said...

Really good post.

I have a Nikon D40 with no fancy lenses and generally on automatic focus. Sometimes when I am taking photos in the kitchen, I grab my iPhone and use it.

The best photos are the ones that are unaltered. I cannot be doing with all the photoshopping that goes on. Why would I want to improve on the colours that nature gave us? It baffles me, I have to say.

The pictures on your blog are lovely, but it is the combination with the witty text that makes it so darn readable. I should be making the children some dinner before they go to bed, but cannot drag myself away.