Tattoos and solar systems

and the odd flower.

There is much activity on the street, new shops opening. Clothes shops mainly.

This has made us ponder our winter wardrobe, The Hound has informed me colour blocking is still big news for Autumn Winter. I am determined to go through another winter without wearing a gilet or a fleece.

and has anybody seen any good winter shoes, perhaps with a modicum of practicality?

Don't worry i am planning on balancing out the practicality with fishnet stockings.


joebloggs said...

Gilet and fleece oh so very Clarrissa Dickson Smith, not you at all. Sensible shoes, tattoos and fishnets...Now were talking!

flwrjane said...

Oh God I have a gilet in fleece.....brought to me from Guernsey.

I'm sorry to say I love it.

Am I off the blog list now?

xo Jane

P.S. but I do have fishnets.....

Adam Hill said...

Dear Miss P

Will you be wearing the sensible shoes and fishnets whilst performing a floristry masterclass with one hand and sipping Gin from the other ??

Yours Mr H

Florence said...

I'm working on a round up of Autumn trends... And loving the leopard look (done tastefully) all shades of wine and mustard (probably because they remind me of food) and many a shoe.

Can't promise they will be sensible though ;)


Pink said...

I love tattoos!!!

Jenny Rudd said...

the only way to get through winter is with high heels and fish nets or fake tan x